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Call ICM Coating Masters to enhance your tired old concrete surface into a place of luxury!  We have been providing greater Mississippi residents and businesses with superior concrete coatings that are long-lasting!  We know what it takes to do the job right the first time and always put our customers first!  Choose the right concrete coating for your Mississippi flooring project, either Epoxy, Flake, Quartz, Eurethane Concrete.  We provide garage floor coatings, residential coatings, industrial coatings, and all types of commercial coatings.  Ready to transform your Mississippi concrete flooring into something that will make you say wow?  Call us today!

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EPOXY FLOOR COATING – Virtually every facility has at least one area where floors are put up with heavy loads, extreme heat, chemical exposure, high impact, or extreme abrasion. Without a proper floor coating system, your concrete slab surface is liable to crack, buckle or deteriorate under these conditions, resulting in contamination, cracking, or joint failure, necessitating costly repairs.
You’ve made a substantial investment in your Mississippi concrete foundation – an integral part of your facility’s structure. Epoxy coating systems are very widely used in a large variety of industries and facilities, and for good reason. With their incredible durability, and resistance to moisture, wear and tear, and contamination, coating systems are an incredibly cost-effective, low-maintenance option to transform your floor and ensure your floor is functioning at the highest level. And they are stunning! They project a professional image and are customized to your particular needs.

QUARTZ – One major advantage that quartz has over other popular types of flooring is its durability. Quartz is very hard to scratch, crack, or chip and can handle a lot of foot traffic without becoming worn.

FLAKE FLOOR COATINGS – A Decorative Floor Coating for Any Facility.  Unlike flooring systems that are installed in tiles, sheets, or blocks, resinous floor coatings are fluid-applied coatings that create a virtually seamless surface over a concrete slab and are available in various textures and colors.

URETHANE CONCRETE – Urethane concrete, or urethane cement, is a category of industrial concrete floor coatings that utilizes urethane resin technology to bind engineered cement powder aggregate powders, creating a high-performance floor surface.


Discover the remarkable transformations brought to you by ICM Coating Masters, Mississippi’s #1 concrete coating specialist! We take pride in revitalizing your residential or commercial spaces, turning dull, cracked, or slippery surfaces into stunning, durable, and safe areas you’ll love to showcase.

Our expert team, combined with our vast selection of top-quality coatings, ensures a tailor-made solution to suit your style and needs. Experience the ICM Coating Masters difference, and let us transform your concrete surfaces into functional works of art that will impress you for years to come.

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STEP 1: Preparation

We use a diamond blade grinder to grind down your concrete floor for a clean finish.

step 2: Reconstruct Concrete

A innovative concrete mender filler smooths fractures and levels the surface.

step 3: Basecoat Apply

We apply a basecoat that will seal the concrete and provide a lasting finish.

Step 4: Hand-Apply Chips

Then we use small vinyl chips with a unique color and texture.

Step 5: Excess Chips Removal

The loose chips are scraped away, giving the floor greater grip and preventing it from slipping.

Step 6: Clear Coat Apply

To keep the floor from yellowing in the sun, we use a clear UV-resistant base.

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Advanced Formulas

Thanks to our carefully formulated epoxy, your garage floor coating will be able to resist a lot of wear while still being functional.

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Our technicians are professionals when it comes to applying garage floor coatings and are committed to offering excellent customer service.

1-Day Floors

At ICM Coatings, we're known for our one-day floor coatings. In just 24 hours, your floors will be completely transformed and ready to use.

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We are a concrete coating company located in Mississippi servincing greater Mississippi residents!


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